Skilled Laborer

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Job Description

Skilled Laborers are workers who have acquired the necessary skills and training to complete building and construction-related jobs. Their duties differ depending on the task at hand, but some responsibilities include painting, drilling, flooring installations, and plumbing and electrical tasks. Their duties may also include different types of manual labor.

We are searching for a dependable Skilled Laborer to join our excellent construction crew. The Skilled Laborer's responsibilities include ensuring worksites are clean and safe, erecting scaffolding, spreading gravel, using drills, jackhammers, and other power tools, and providing assistance with heavy machinery. You should also be able to take instruction from superiors and complete on-the-job training.

To be successful as a Skilled Laborer, you will have completed apprenticeships and/or acquired suitable skills. An outstanding Skilled Laborer should be hungry to expand their skill set and increase their level of expertise. You should also be willing to learn from other crew members and receive off-site training wherever possible.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Moving materials to the worksite and ensuring all tools, machinery, and other equipment are safely set up
  • Operating equipment like drills, pneumatic hammers, shovels, pikes, and other heavy machinery
  • Assisting with various electrical and plumbing installation procedures
  • Obeying health and safety codes, as well as the company's principles
  • Removing hazardous materials from sites
  • Spreading gravel, asphalt, and other materials over surfaces
  • Performing site and equipment inspections
  • Attending meetings and workshops
  • Completing on-the-job training
  • Ensuring tasks are completed to deadlines
  • A high school qualification or equivalent
  • Stamina and strength to perform manual labor
  • A valid driver's license
  • Excellent hand-eye-coordination skills
  • Sound knowledge of construction and practical experience with tools
  • Excellent time management, organizational, and communication skills
  • A good understanding of safety procedures
  • Willingness to learn and to be flexible
  • $16 - $30 per hour, depending on experience

How to Apply

Want to join our team? Send your résumé to or call 412-889-2103 to schedule an interview.